Personal Commissions

Trust me to create the perfect personalised artwork for you!

Are you looking for something bespoke as an anniversary or wedding? Do you want to get a special Mother’s Day gift or want to make your best friend or partner feel extra special?

Hi, I am Krittika. And I am here to help you! It would give me great pleasure to be a part of your journey. If you have an idea in your mind, I can help you execute it through my skills. The purpose of my art is always to create something that is not only a bit out of the box but also that closely resonates with my customers. The final outcome would be a piece that would stay memorable forever.

Why should you commission me?

Commissioned artwork allows you to choose the subject of the work, its colours, style and dimensions. It lets you execute a raw idea into a concrete and intimate piece. Commissioned work is a highly personalised process and allows you to be involved from the beginning till the end. 

I believe I should be commissioned because I like to collaborate closely with every client to bring their ideas to life in the best way possible, while ensuring that the final product suits their needs. Each personalised artwork I do is unique, designed exclusively for each customer. It involves a lot of research as well as love and collaboration. The idea is to help offer my clients the ideal artwork at the end of the assignment.

When should you commission me?

You could get in touch with me when you need:

  • A wedding gift for a couple, capturing their unique memories together
  • A wedding card designed
  • A mother’s/father’s day/rakhi gift
  • A gift for your partner capturing your relationship
  • A family portrait
  • Any other special event

Let me quickly walk you through the process of commissioning . . .

The Beginning

We get on a call to discuss and explore design/illustration ideas. To begin with, I would ask you to share a short ‘brief’ specifying who/what the artwork is for, a list of things you would like to be included in it, and the deadline which you have in mind. 

The Middle

After a detailed discussion, I would come back to you with a basic sketch showing you the progress and highlighting the details I would be further covering in it. 

Often seeing our ideas on paper inspires us to add some extra personal touches to it. 

After a round of discussion, I would carry out the changes and would proceed to show you a detailed sketch in a few days. I would also discuss colour schemes with you. Upon your final approval, I would move to the next stage.

The End

I would then proceed to colouring the illustration and adding textures to it, before sharing the artwork with you once again. After our final discussion and application of minor changes (if required) I will share the final artwork with you and upon approval, send it for printing and framing. 

Each artwork is printed on 300GSM 100 percent Recycled Paper (available in white, black and Natural Wood 2cm framing with acrylic finish).

What if I don't like the final artwork?

Over the past 12 months, I have done over 30+ personalised commissions with a 100 percent success rate. Rest assured, you will be involved in each step of the process, and it is my belief that at the end of it, you will receive something you would love!

When should you expect your order to be completed?

Currently, the turnaround is around 3 weeks, from receiving the initial brief to dispatching the artwork. However, if you have a tight deadline and need the item earlier, we could try to work it out. Drop me a message, and we can take it forward from there!

"It was a great experience working with Krittika on creating a personalised wedding digital art frame for the married couple. Krittika took out the time with us to brainstorm each and every detail that had to be added on the frame showing how the couple met and their entire journey. She provided us with timely updates on progress and delivered such an amazing and personalised digital art frame filled with creativity. Thank you for all your hardwork and we hope to work with you again soon!"
- Saniya Malik


Pricing starts from INR 10,000. For an exact quote based on your requirements, get in touch at or fill the form below and hear back within 48 hours.