How to Choose the Right Print for your House

Picking the perfect art print for your house can be confusing, particularly since most of us do this without a background in interior designing. Questions like am I picking the right size for my space, or how do I pair different art pieces together are common and can often feel overwhelming.

The first rule for choosing a particular artwork should always be, choose something you love! Remember, choosing any artwork should feel incredibly personal and should be something that resonates with you.

But if you're looking to understand this a bit more in-depth, here are some tips and basics that can help you make an informed decision.


All colours we see can be classified into two categories: Warm and Cool colours. A quick look at the colour wheel gives us a rough idea of which colour falls on which part of the spectrum.

Why is this important? It all comes down to how they make you feel. Warm colours are happy, vibrant, playful and can evoke a sense of comfort. Cool colours are relaxing, tranquil, refreshing and can evoke a sense of calmness. This is why warm colours are often used in social spaces like drawing rooms, kitchens, lobby. Cool colours are used in more private spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms. These can help you pick the artwork that emulates the feeling you're trying to recreate with your space.


Once you have a basic idea of what category your wall paint falls in and the kind of space you want to create, the next step is to understand your requirement. If your room mostly has neutral colours, a bright and colourful piece of art can add the right pop of colour. Or, if you already have a lot of colours, patterns happening, choosing something with similar colours can help tie it together. If you're planning on putting only one statement piece, then you could try picking something with colours that stands out in the room.

On Left: Cleo's Moonlight Sonata, On Right: Summer's Out.

The artwork on the left blends with the environment and contributes to the relaxed environment. The artwork on the right creates a splash of colour and activity.

For example, if your room has beige walls with a lot of greens and browns: choosing something with yellows and greens can be a great complementary piece. If your room has cooler tones like greys, choosing art prints with blues can help.


There isn’t a set formula for grouping art together, so enjoy the process of trying something new in your space! But if you're starting out, it helps to pick pieces that have similar colours. So an art piece that has lots of yellows and green's should be paired with another piece where at least one of these shades is present. For multiple pieces on a wall, complementary colour is a great idea.


On Left: Journey to the Unknown, On Right: Eyeing the Prize

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